Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Works Greater Than These"

A Reflection on John 14:7-14 "The Father is in me and I am in the Father. If you know me then you know the Father. If you do not believe this then believe the works that I do, you shall do works greater than these." "Works Greater Than These" Often in many circles in the Christian faith one thinks of "works greater than these" as moving miracles, extraordinary events and momentous healing's but I wonder if Jesus was speaking of works that are motivated in mercy in our practical every day lives? The works of mercy to the poor, the hungry, the destitute? Works that are not so much recognized by outward signs and wonders but that of the heart. The day to day interactions of our every day life. The ones that take time, patience and resignation of our own inability to make something happen. Something simple that expresses itself in the acknowledgement of a person who is dirty, smells and in our natural eyes repugnant. Who are they, what is their name? Jesus acknowledged, Jesus paused, took the time and in so doing gazed into the persons heart, spoke their name. In so doing saw beyond the immediate need but deeper to a place of acceptance, worthiness, respect and mercy. He did not forget the practical needs for he fed them, provided for them and in so doing called them forth in all of their humanity, in all of their soul and in all of their spirit. He restored their dignity. Am I asked to do the same? Am I asked to "follow me"into those places? I too have experienced Jesus's touch, his mercy, his restoration through his expression in the face of humanity. My practical every day life. It is here where I gain hope, I am deeply brought to a place of humility and gratitude and it is here that I am raised up. I see the Father, the merciful God for it is here that Jesus and the Father are One.

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