Thursday, April 17, 2014



Today we as Christians observe Holy Thursday at which time Jesus the Servant washed the feet of his disciples. Today also marks one year ago that I had a right below the knee amputation. Both are solemn and both are humbling.

As I reflect on this day I ponder Jesus, his heart, sacrifice and love. I also ponder all of you. My communities of family, friends and strangers. How you as Jesus have shown care, humility, kindness and love. At times throughout this year it has been overwhelming and humbling as each of you have reflected that love and always with grace.

You, as instruments have been the hands and heart of Christ for me unknowingly but for me there has never been a doubt. The outpouring of your love has been ceaseless. Your words of encouragement, visiting me in the hospital, caring for me in my home when it was needed, shopping and preparing meals, wheeling me up the hills of San Francisco when I have been to tired or lazy, cheering me on every step as I have battled health insurance, your humor which has been as healing balm to me, your listening ears. All of you have been a comfort and deeply in your hearts embraced me and set me free of myself. You are that heart not only as individuals but as a community. I am grateful!

This year has shown me loss, grief and sorrow but it has also shown me life, power and the hope of resurrection. Nothing is for naught and all things do deep work within if we say yes, by grace and I have been given that grace. Grace that has come through all of your prayers whether it has been done in thought, word or deed. It has not always been easy but all of you have been present.

In the quiet of my mornings and the stillness of my nights I am moved within to a deeper space. A space that has caused me to recollect and to discern what is of death to the soul and what is of life. I choose life. It has had its share of mire and thorns along the way but it has been cleansing, full of freedom and opportunities to let go and realize what are the important things. These things are not really things at all but love, they are you.

As I go to Holy Thursday mass tonight and I observe the Washing of the Feet all of you will be with me. With me as I remember Jesus who washed the feet of his disciples but also the feet of all with tender mercy and compassion so all of you have done unto me. I may have only one physical foot but you have given me many.

May you experience that cleansing, unconditional love and compassion especially this day and night within the depths of your hearts.

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