Sunday, January 10, 2010


There is a stillness and an inner silence that has taken place within me over the past couple of weeks. One that has brought great inner peace and a sense of wonder to the One who has created me in their image.

The past two weeks has had an even rhythm, one of routine and stability. My strength has increased and in fact may be even better than even six months ago! I am ever thankful for this as I prepare for the transplant. My red blood cell count is within normal range now and that in itself is no small thing. Rich and Carolina have made their flight and hotel reservations and will be here in San Francisco on Tuesday, January 19th. Rich and I will be admitted to California Pacific Medical Center on Thursday, January 21 and our surgeries will take place the following day at 10:30 a.m. I can hardly believe we are almost there.

So many of you have come to me with offers to assist during this time and while I am recovering, thank you. It means a lot to me as I experience the love of Our Creator expressed through each of you of whose image each and every one of you are formed in. You have assisted me in making this journey. One that has brought me deeper and closer to the Mystery, one that has directed and guided me to that place of stillness, silence and rest.

I would ask that you continue to pray for both Rich and myself that our surgeries and healing would go smoothly, without complications and that our team would proceed with skillfulness and wisdom. For Carolina that Christ's spirit would be with her, bless and keep her as she is supportive to Rich. She too is giving of her time, taking time off of work these next few weeks to be with him in San Francisco.

May God in his mercy fill you with his grace and may you know in the quietness of your souls his amazing, unconditional and accepting love.


Sweet Silence
Envelope me in love

You bring the Peace
That transforms
My Soul

In Nothingness
I am comforted

Without speech
You embrace me

I am serene
In the

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  1. Hello Bill! Since I spend so much time in front of my computer, I put a reminder in my calendar about your surgery. This is so wonderful that God has provided a donor and how beautiful that it's a long time friend of yours. I will pray for successful procedures and recovery!

    Love, Pam (Stillwagon) Sangster