Friday, January 29, 2010


Adjustment or change is often difficult and it calls on remembering the past and the good it has produced, living in the present moment with all of its transitions and having hope for the future. My goal and heart is to do this very thing!

The kidney transplant went remarkably well on Friday, January 22 and I was voiding better known as peeing before I even opened my eyes. The physician's and team were very happy, needless to say what I felt!

I was released from California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco on Tuesday, January 26 and am now at home recuperating. It has been challenging with the multiple side effects of the many new and high dosage medications I am on. These medications are to help my body not to reject the kidney (yet to acquire a name) and to ward off any infections that might try to attack it. I have had a lot of nausea, dizziness, sleeplessness and general weakness but the team tells me this is pretty normal and will take a few weeks to "adjust."

I am ever thankful for all of you. So many have called, written with their well wishes and prayers and I know once again it is what has sustained me. I have grocery shoppers, people who are preparing food, running errands etc. Most of all though expressing their love. I have not been able to return many of the phone calls as of yet but will and today is my first real day of trying to catch all of you up.

I am especially thankful to Rich who has given so selflessly one of his kidneys to me, to his wife Carolina and their daughter Gabriella. I believe it was a family endeavor and gift for all needed to be unitied.

Thankful to Tony Fletcher who I work with and is a very close friend here in San Francisco. Many of you heard his voice when he called you to inform you of how I was and am doing. He handled all of the details and is a great confidant in my decision making process.

I leave you once again with requesting your prayers; that Rich and I would recover smoothly without complications, that I would not reject the kidney nor get an infection especially in what is considered the critical time, the next 90 days.

My prayers and love are with each of you. I will write more in the next few days.



  1. 'so good to hear, Bill. My tears are of joy for you. Rest, go slow, may the nurse-force be with you. Love and hugs all around from Nurse Kathy :)

  2. Good to hear from you Bill! We are praying! Get well, and may the recuperation time be as successful as the surgery!

  3. (Actually...'Pat' is me, Janet, Leslie's sister....)

  4. Peace, Bill. So glad to hear you're doing well.

  5. Thank you for the great news. May you continue to recover your strength anew. Praying for you and Rich and his family.