Monday, November 29, 2010


When I know someone is coming to visit I clean my apartment. There are various levels of cleaning; the superficial where I dust, vacuum, clear the clutter and oh, did I mention stuff absolutely everything into the closet and if they are just visiting for an evening dim lighting goes a long ways! Then there are the times when someone is coming for a longer visit, perhaps for a few days or even longer and maybe it is someone I have not seen for a long time and am so anticipating their arrival and can not wait until they arrive as I long to see them. There are many levels of preparation and cleaning and there are many areas that I want to have filled with light that have been either neglected, become musty or need more light as they are to dark.

So it is I prepare, we prepare our hearts during the season of Advent for the coming of God Incarnate who gently knocks on the door of our hearts and asks "May I come in? May I come and enter that place, that room within and as you have prepared your house, may I by my gracious Spirit prepare your spirit for the birth of Emmanuel, God with us within your heart? May I place within you, in your journey a longing for a return in fullness the Son of the most High God whom the angels proclaimed "Glory to God in the Highest and peace to all people on earth. May we with great anticipation and hope run to that door and open it and proclaim "Let me open up the gates of my heart that You, the King of Glory may enter in!

I.....we have been waiting for You!

May we pause a moment......let it be so......Come Lord Jesus, come and renew our hearts.

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