Sunday, November 28, 2010

What are we waiting for?

How many times do we wait? Wait in a que at the grocery store, wait at DMV, wait to see a physician and for those who ride public transit waiting for the Metro or bus. We wait, waiting to get to the next thing, usually hurried, stressed and already planning what we are going to do when we arrive so we can move onto our next item on our agenda. When was the last time you waited and used the time to be present, to be present in the moment and to take a breath?

Advent is the perfect time, a time to wait. A time not to be stressed, although our culture insists on it with hurried shopping, advertising, parties and the like, filling up our schedules with events and "things to do." We get caught up in it, swept away as in a raging river that is out of control and yet we "try" to control.

Consider this season, the season of Advent, the 4 weeks before Christmas to give yourself permission to take a breath, relax and wait. Wait not with an agenda, things to do or places to be but rather.... be still, wait. Instead wait with all of creation and within your heart for the Incarnation of the Divine, God made into a person, Jesus Christ. Isn't that what Christmas is about? The Divine made into the person Jesus Christ, God Incarnate? Allow in that waiting a stirring to take place, a stirring that renews, refreshes and brings great hope to you, to all of creation that says "Rise, shine for your light has come!" A light that shines in the darkness of our hearts where we are discouraged, have lost hope and are afraid. An illumination that kindles within us a desire for newness, a saving from where we feel helpless, paralyzed and unable to change and instead speaks grace, forgiveness and freedom.

Wait with me won't you and let's leave behind the hurried pace our culture especially demands of us at this time of year and pause...... take a breath and breathe in the newness of life that is within us and we wait for especially now with great expectation, anticipation and hope.

Maranatha.......Come........We wait for you.........the Incarnate Word........made flesh.

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