Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Over the past few weeks I have been reflecting on the poor. Yes, I know a much discussed topic among so many of various faiths. I work so much with the poor, their poverty only recently has astounded me, moved me and brought me to deep compassion. I can not do this by myself for honestly, I don't have it in me but perhaps by mercy I see with different eyes, the eyes of the Divine. It is here that I see our Creator deep within them and they are my brother's, my sister's and they are me, in spirit and in their humanity. Can I see them as the Divine does, with mercy, with acceptance, with love? Often we as a society are asked "Why are there the poor?" That is a question that even Jesus did not get into directly but only to say "the poor will be with you always." Am I willing to give of myself, be present? I am saddened often by the injustice of our culture and have found myself speaking up more and more sometimes with risk, with consequences but there is something deep within that beckons me to do so.

As I have thought about this another poor comes to mind, the poor in spirit. Here I am moved beyond words. I am moved because at some point in our lives we are all poor in spirit. We long for truth, authenticity, something greater than ourselves We desire the Greater, they I Am, the Mystery. We desire to experience and know at any cost, Where did I come from? Why am I here? and Where am I going? Can I live on this earth in fullness, in truth, in authenticity? Can I be real , open and naked? Our culture tells us "No" but our Creator tells us "Yes." St. Augustine of Hippo states "Our hearts were made for you O' God and our hearts are not at rest until they are at rest in you?" Is your heart at rest, is mine.? What a gift to be invited to long for truth but yet often so painful but in it as we are purged, we are awakened and healed and in this given new life, new perspective, given.......the Kingdom of God that dwells within us, within you, within me. May it be so and may we, may I accept this gift when it comes through another, life's circumstances and by the Creator them self. Won't you listen to that stirring, to that invitation?

Pain and Grief
You ask
that I offer
unto Thee

Open to Your heart
to another, others
that You have placed
before my heart

To bear
To take in
Not that I
Might be burdened
so others
can know
Your love

Your patience

Your embracing love

Let me be free
Authentic and true

Giving myself to others
Giving myself to You

Unravel the veil
That Shrouds my heart

That all may come to know
Healing and Grace

and fear

Once again

would be


by your
most benevolent

That I might know
That I might let go
Give of myself

To You

O' Lord

Then Your Utmost Compassion
to others

Have mercy on my Soul

Will Simpson, February 5, 2011

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  1. Another wonderful poem -- thanks for that. Well my friend, you certainly have tackled an age-old occurrence. As long as there are wealthy, there will be poor; though it's inconceivable a scenario would ever exists where all could be rich in material things, it is not so unimaginable to fathom us all barren in such things. And that is very scary, and should be an eye-opener for us all I think. We all should value what we have, praise it as a gift, thank Him for it and share what we can, it can all change in an instant. - Mark M.