Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Alarming Reflection

This week we read of the Magi who left to follow the star that was above the place that the King of all of Creation laid. Before going they visited Herod, the so-called king of the Jews. As I was reading I was taken back, afraid of what I saw, what I felt. Could I be Herod? How could this be, how could I relate to such a vile character? I saw Herod as he was fearful, wanting to hold onto power, prestige and perhaps even afraid of what was to come, the future. He was deceitful, manipulative and schemed to maintain his authority and power, no matter what it took! Do I have that within me? Do I also have a side that both consciously and subconsciously does these things? How frightening, how utterly and thoroughly repelling!
Then there are the Magi who sought after the Star; the bright light that shown in the darkness that was the sign where Emmanuel, the true King was. The one, who redeemed, released and freed, who brought Salvation to all of humanity. I am thankful, I want to journey with them this week, I want to turn from my darkness, to the marvelous light, fall down on my knees, repent and……..worship Him

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