Saturday, December 18, 2010


What was it like for a young girl to be invited to carry within the Divine in human form?

How can this be she exclaimed
I an a virgin

“You shall conceive not by a man but by the Holy Spirit
The Spirit of the Most High God”

His name shall be Emmanuel, God with us
Counselor, Prince of Peace
The Salvation of all of humanity

Perplexed, puzzled, pondering

And then

A deep inner sigh

Profound humility


Let it be done unto me according to your Spirit

And so it happened

Days, weeks, months

Churnings, kicking’s,

Expecting, waiting, hope
Getting to know
Deeply within who dwells

A transformation from within
And from without

Soon a birth
A new life

What do you say?
What do I say?
I am asked the same?

Asked to recognize
The Divine within
The Christ

Is it too not also puzzling?
Is it not something to ponder?

And are we too not like that young girl
Who conceived by the Spirit?
And to bear within us
His son
The Savior of the World
The Prince of Peace
That we too
May know Salvation
Freedom, liberty
And in so doing
As Christ became Human
We experience
The Divine

We too are puzzled, perplexed

And for us also
Profound humility
Must take place for us
To respond
As that young girl

Yes, let it be done unto me according to your spirit

Let it be so
We wait for you
We expect you
In this Advent Season

Come Lord Jesus
Come to birth within
Our hearts

Will Simpson, December 18, 2010

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