Sunday, December 5, 2010


Prepare within me a pathway O’Lord
May I let go of all that hinders
And blocks me from You

You desire to come in
And liberate me with your love
And I have put up so many barriers

Slowly by grace
I hear your invitation
The voice of your spirit
Saying Prepare, Prepare a way
And I so desire this
But yet
I am afraid

What is it you will ask of me?
What is it I must let go of?

One stone, one unforgiveness
One turning away
One jealous thought
One at a time

But then you glance at me
And I am struck by your luminous love
That pierces between my very soul and spirit
And I
Prepare my true self
Open wide my heart

To receive
The New Born King

Come O’Majestic One
Come into this open heart
That I have prepared
For You

Will Simpson, December 5, 2010

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