Wednesday, May 11, 2011


There is a rumbling in my soul
A rumbling that is as the shifting of the depths of the earth
It is subtle but gently echoing
Letting me know
That change is about to take place deep within

Am I afraid? Curiously not
Expectant perhaps

For deep within the chasms of my soul
Lies a flow like molten that is fluid and hot
Longing for the moment to erupt
To explode
Into something new
Profoundly visceral
That shifts the plates of my inner man
As the earth before it quakes

It is dynamic
But at the same time
Fear does not prevail

Flow molten river
Open the passions of my heart
New unexplored places
That offers adventure
And reveal
An entire dimension
Of you,
That has been hidden

I am not yet able to speak
Not because you are distant
Not because you are silent
But rather

Your divine mystery
Is reverberating in my soul
Asking, pursing
To be revealed

For I have longed to know
I have beckoned you without words

I have sought to embrace
All that you have

But yet
Not really knowing what it is

Only knowing
It beckons me

It calls me
To the source of all life

Come o' essence of life itself
Of whom I cannot explain
With human reasoning

Draw closer and have your way
Let my soul quake
My molten heart flow
With the transforming energy
Of your life giving power

Will Simpson,
May 11, 2011

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