Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Do You Choose This Day?

I remember so many years ago when I entered the monastery being asked that question"What do you choose this day?" i was being asked to choose between my old way of thinking which bound me in fear and a new way of being, the way of the heart. A way that was deeper, moved from within, an almost unnameable place. A choice that would certainly ask me to die to the old way of thinking and invite me to that new way of being, life.

Perhaps I am asked that question every day but often i am simply unaware but Lent offers to me an awareness, a mindfulness of the choices; old to new, death to life and thinking versus being. May I choose the way of the heart that invites me this day and every day to choose to be transformed into my true self, the image and likeness of the one i choose to follow, Christ within me.

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