Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday, February, 25, 2012

What Do You Choose To Do This Day?

"Being in the world without being of the world." For so long i did not have a clue to the meaning of this instruction which we find in the Gospel of John. How can I be in the world and not of it? For years this has perplexed me but over the last few some glimmer has assisted me in understanding. This is not an understanding of critical analysis but rather one that had to take the long journey to my heart.

Being in the world without being of the world" is counter cultural. The business of life, our economics, social interactions expect otherwise, demand otherwise. I find myself in the place of being surrounded by the roar that wants to overcome me in noise, chatter and places me to be unaware, not noticing. Something else is being asked of me, something else is inviting me to be aware, to notice. When Jesus called Levi, and the other apostles it says he "noticed" he directed them "Follow me" and Levi did. Where is Jesus asking that of me, of you to go to that inner space that brings stillness, peace, a new way of being. Allowing the new self, the new me to step out , be other than and share with others from that space. Sometimes that sharing is without words and just is. It invites me to "Notice" to become aware and to follow.

What Do You Choose to Do This Day?

I choose to follow, to notice, to be transformed into a new way of being!

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