Thursday, February 23, 2012

Choose Life!

What Do You Choose To Do This Day?

I choose life! During this season of Lent I become more aware of my insecurities, my fears, my darkness, this becomes evident when i am placed in circumstances where i am not comfortable, where perhaps i have been hurt or failed in the past and have never really been healed. I am usually unaware of my darkness until I am in the midst of it full throttle or more often than not when i have stepped away and have time to reflect. It is in this place that through the discomfort I sense the gentle stirrings within that speak "Peace be with you, be still." I know that voice, it is the voice that spoke to Peter and the Apostles in the midst of the storm, the voice that instills comfort, caring and love. It is the voice that unconditionally loves me through my fears, my anger, my doubts. It is the voice that calls me from my darkness of fears and illumines my heart and liberates me to accept my humanity, to receive that unconditional love, extend it to others and in so doing......choose life!

What shall you choose to do this day?

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