Saturday, November 2, 2013

Anne Lamott

I had the pleasure of listening to the author Anne Lamott last Saturday on a radio program called West Coast Live. I was inspired, challenged and felt somehow affirmed. Ms. Lamott is real, authentic, gritty and fills ones senses with inspiration and hope. She is humorous as she shares everyday life and challenges but then she pauses and I sense her spirit shifting and then she shares deeply from her heart with mercy, understanding and compassion. Her heart unfolds with a deep sense of "I have lived there, I have experienced this, I share in your pain and suffering, we experience this together." There is profound hope in her stories and it is based on not only her experiences alone but on her faith. A faith that is real, active, full of deep spirit and blended with vulnerable humanity.

While on West Coast Live she shared from her new book, "Stitches." I purchased it and have only read the first chapter and everything within me resonates with her stories and journey. Anne LaMott does not mince words. She speaks of our suffering and pain as individuals and humanity. She is specific and her stories are compelling. I have already needed to stop, breathe, take in and reflect. She writes in such a way that an every person can relate and I have found myself saying, "finally there is no veneer on life's experiences, I can relate to this and it is filled with hope."

I am that every day person who suffers often without the veneer, who must often die to things I once held dear and sacred. I also am that person who has needed to wait at the tomb, as she speaks of in Chapter one. It is often long, unknowing and fearful. In time I have found genuine hope, been called out of the tomb and into a new portion of my life that has been filled with new experiences and an array of joyful surprises.

I already recommend "Stitches" and will share more as I read through it and experience its transforming graces.

May we hope together, stitched and made whole by the One who has woven and continues to weave us in the Holy Threes image.

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