Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Advent means to wait. To wait for the revelation and coming of Christ and to emerge from darkness into transformational light!

Today, I have a dear friend who is waiting and is journeying to that light. She is surrounded by loved ones who wait with her. It is hard to wait but at the same time there is great hope and expectation. The hope that in darkness, light awaits us and reveals itself and the expectation of hope fulfilled in death to resurrection.

There is a wooing taking place that gently whispers my friends name and invites her through the thin veil of this side of eternity to the other. She is surrounded by those who love her, hold her dear and we are challenged to let go of her as she is invited to where we have not yet received the invitation. We love her. We are in conflict to let her go. We want to hold on but yet she is invited. There is weeping, caressing, grieving and some anger but yet, she is invited.

Who is knocking on her heart, waiting at the door, greeting her with compassion and acceptance? Is it not for whom we wait, the Christ who is full of mercy and unconditional love.

Let us let go today releasing her to freedom, to life, from darkness to light for she has waited and her Bridegroom has come!

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