Sunday, December 22, 2013


The Shepherd came to visit yesterday to gently guide my beloved friend from this side of the veil to the next. A ray of sunlight beamed through the window as the words were proclaimed; "The Lord is my Shepherd"......the Lord! It is he who leads me, guides me, sustains me in peace........I will not fear, for he with his Divine mercy and love comforts me. My soul is awakened and yet at rest. He has prepared a banqueting table for me......for me! I will live, dwell and abide in your house forever!

It was as though my friend was speaking, reassuring us, letting us know that all is alright, all is at peace, I am fine, I am free! I love you but my cherished one has called for me.

The light shown brightly as this was spoken, it was full of assurance and grace.

We went to the burial place, on green hills overlooking the city. It was pastoral, serene, full of resplendent light and it spoke not only of death but of new life, of resurrection hope. There before us was our daughter, our sister, our aunt and our friend.

 There was grief.

As the burial ceremony concluded there appeared two deer on the horizon whose silhouettes were sketched by the mid afternoon sun. Could it be they were her escorts to gently usher her through the thin veil, the veil of eternity?

"My lover is like a swift gazelle or a young stag. Look, there he is behind the wall, looking through the window, peering into the room."

There they were peering through the veil of eternity perhaps singing, "Come away my beloved."

"My beloved is he and he is mine."

Go in peace our beloved.

We will see you in the light.

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