Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Today on our journey through Advent the Psalmist speaks to us about a banqueting table being prepared for us. In the Gospel we reflect on the loaves and fishes being served and in Isaiah we read about a feast. We are in the Advent/Christmas season where often great feasting takes place. Feasting always involves preparation, waiting for the delectable delights to be ready to savor and it involves community. There is the tantalizing fragrances of the various foods cooking and we wait in hopeful anticipation to partake in what will bring to us delight and nourishment.

In community we experience as we prepare and wait together a bonding that is like no other. We share stories, laugh with joy, remember those who used to join us, all while we prepare and wait.

Then there is the feast! We commune together, delight in not only the food that is presented but one another. We toast, give our praises to the hosts and merriment and mirth ensue!

This Advent season I can not be more engaged with these preparations and festivities as I have had spent them with family and friends. The closeness and love that lies deep.

This has become even more evident as the years have gone by and I have come to realize my feasting is much more than the tangible food but the feasting is of the heart. It is here where our spirits are fed and nourished, where we connect more deeply and where we experience the authentic Communion.

Fish and loaves to feed our bodies, wine and bread to feed our souls.

"You have prepared a banqueting table for me."

Yesterday, my friend accepted that invitation to be at that Banqueting Table and in so doing her wait has been fulfilled.

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