Friday, November 13, 2009

Darkness to Light

It is often said that out of darkness comes light. So it has been for me in the past 24 hours. In my last update I wrote about my challenges the past month; injury of my knee, broken ribs, vertigo and most importantly my need for a kidney donor. Thursday, late afternoon I received two e mails from friends on the east coast, a husband and wife telling me it was important for me to contact them. I did and he said to me "I am your donor, I am your match." I was stunned not knowing what to say except thank you but really my gratitude is so deep. This person I have known since I was 22, my best friend in college and someone who I have not lost touch with over the years. He was like and is to this day like a brother to me, a soul/heart connection if you will. Also I was informed that his wife also stepped forward to donate.....what can I say? There were 4 friends who came forward when the need for a kidney became known, they selflessly gave of themselves and I have deep love and admiration for each of them. I am a blessed man. As for my friend from the east coast he is giving me literally, the gift of life!

There are now many steps and plans for us to take and I solicit your prayers and thoughts that all will be done smoothly and in perfect time.

It is true.....from darkness......comes light!

Peace and grace to each of you,


  1. Bill,
    Thank you for starting this blog. Will keep praying.


  2. Bill - 'truly blessings come in perfect time. Love to you ... Nurse Kathy ;)

  3. Wow, Bill, congratulations on having such wonderful friends that would be willing to give you the "gift of life". God bless you (and them)!

  4. Hi Bill, Thanksgiving has happened upon us again yesterday and I continue to be amazed at the things we are thankful for. Your message underscores that yet again. What a blessed Saviour we have. Know that you are firmly in our prayers...