Friday, February 19, 2010


Lent is one of my favorite seasons in the liturgical calendar because its true meaning is Spring, a season for renewal, new life. It allows me to be mindful as to what I am asked to disengage from and to turn to the God of Mercy. What are the things that have held me in captivity? Where do I need to change in thought, word and deed? What will bring me closer to God who lovingly calls to me to "turn and come to the Giver of Life who is full of mercy?"

This year the focus, I believe I have been asked to look at is "Criticism." Not only what I say but what I think, even in subtle ways and how I behave. I tried my hardest to deny that request but it came back to me time and time again. Hmmmm......I wonder how much my speech will be decreased? What am I asked? To show mercy as I have been shown mercy, not to judge as I am not judged and to pray for conversion and transformation of heart. Not only pray for myself but for others to whom I sub-consciously and sometimes blatantly judge and criticize.

So often, especially in these past few months I have spoken of physical healing but could it be that something even greater and deeper wants to take place? Take place within my heart, within my mind? A healing that encompasses my very soul.

This year as I did two years ago I am reading "Lent and Easter, Wisdom from Henri J.M. Nouwen." It gently speaks of this conversion and suggests practical ways that we can live out this transformation in our daily lives. I recommend it for those who have not perhaps chosen a book for reflection this Lenten Season.

I will refrain at this time to write about my physical health suffice to say I am improving daily and gaining in strength. This no doubt from your prayers and well wishes.

Blessings to each of you and may this season of Lent bring renewal, restoration and new life.



Hold me Lord
Embrace me
In Your
Tenderly a loving Father

May I collapse completely
Into you breast
And weep
The prayers of repentance
And fall deeply
Into your everlasting love

You are merciful
O heavenly God
Who pardons
My sins
As far as the
East is from the West

Your memory is short
And you have no recollection
Of my sins
When I say
Father, forgive me

Return to me
The delight of my deliverance
And may I proclaim
And rejoice your faithfulness and love

© William Simpson, February 18, 2010

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