Sunday, March 9, 2014


Recently I went with a friend to see the new cinema release, "Son of God." I must admit I have seen a lot of "Jesus" movies and each has something to offer but this one was different. This movie was simple in its presentation and its main focus was "God is Love." Oh, I know we hear that time and time again and some times it almost seems cliche, but is it?

In reality many of us have heard the opposite. We have heard of God's wrath and a set of rules. Ones that have brought fear and instead of drawing us to the source of all life it has often caused us to run from it!

In watching the movie I could not help to be moved by the very opposite. In it the Gospels, the Good News came to life. There before me the message was clear."God is Love." No matter what we are embraced by this love, mercy and forgiveness. Throughout the movie perhaps the most repeated phrase and so often in the Gospels is, "Do not be afraid, I am with you." How often do we hear that? How often does that calm the storm within our hearts

I was moved when Christ appeared after his resurrection and looked at Thomas with the eyes of love, held his head in his hands and said, "Thomas, do not doubt. You see and believe but happy are those who do not see but yet believe." Thomas was changed forever.

Time and again this love is shown in the Gospels; the paralytic man, the Samaritan woman, the diseased. Where in your life is that unconditional love shown? Where have you seen it take place in others? Where have you been an instrument to others and others towards you?

Today we remember Jesus being sent into the desert where he was tempted and by grace came through them. We too, during this season of Lent enter forty days and where are we tempted? Where do we desire to come through and where are we invited to go deeper and receive grace, mercy and unconditional love?

Let us journey together following the example of the One who has paved the way before us.

The Way of the Cross.

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