Wednesday, March 5, 2014


In the past couple of months the importance of sleep has been in the news. It has appeared in print, the internet and in interviews on NPR. One of the main purposes for sleep, according to the experts is for our brains to be "swept clean." To be clean of the information that clutters and to bring to the forefront the memories and interactions we have had to the forefront. The purpose of this is so when we are awakened we are refreshed, alert and focused.

For me this begs the question during this season of Lent, "where does my heart, my mind need to be "swept clean?" Where do I need to confess and to forgive? What memories do I need to be refreshed and awakened?  As I begin this holy season of Lent, and journey through the cross and experience its cleansing and mercy, may I also come alive and be awakened in newness in the resurrection.

Kyrie Eleison

Blessed Lent.

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