Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Throughout the past couple of days the readings for Lent have spoken of grace, forgiveness, journeying deeper and mercy. These are words that are not just for contemplation but action. Every day action and interaction!

I am brought to places that encourage it, call it forward and some times simply demands it. It is not simply esoteric but has flesh and blood, breath, life and movement. It pulses to come alive and into action by listening, being present, demonstrating genuine love for those I encounter. Those whom I know and those whom I don't. 

It involves being awake to my inner movements which some times have tension and choosing by grace to extend that grace, mercy and love to others. To pause, to breathe, to be present. This is what brings life not only to me but to others.

May each of us choose life, to be present, to listen and may it come from the depths of our beings where the Source of all life dwells.

"Good God, keep me forever inside your abundant and generous flow of mercy, toward me, through me, in me, and from me."
("Wondrous Encounters; Scriptures For Lent," Richard Rohr

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